The Cleanroom Air Handling Unit (AHU) developed by Klensys Maptec Solutions is meticulously crafted to reduce the presence, creation, and preservation of particles and microbial pollutants, making it an ideal choice for the healthcare sector."
  • Unique design thermal brake profile and panel to meet the International standard for leakage class.

  • Corrosion resistant aluminium profile with special designed coving.

  • Rigid frame work design inherent to the casing strength and stability.

  • Wide range of casing constructions materials to select from SS-304/316, aluminium, galvanized steel 120/270 GSM, Galvalume and many more...

  • Unit certified as per EN1886.

  • Controls airborne particles, dust and micro-organism through air filtration using highly efficient low pressure drop particulate air filters.

  • AHRI certified heat transfer coil ( CHW and HW )

  • Option of factory fitted valve package for plug and play operation.

  • Overall packaged with grand features like inbuilt electrical control panel with intelligent controls and sensors for automation, leading to optimum efficiency and major energy savings.

  • BMS ready connectivity with option of manual operation as a standard feature.

  • Uniquely designed, multi slope drain pan to maintain hygienic conditions.

  • Environment friendly CFC/HFC free PUF injected double skin panels.

  • Aluminium aerofoil damper to ensure the minimal leakage percentage.

Features And Benefits:


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